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Now is the best time to get your skills recognised and turn it into a life long vocational qualification. We have over 100+ courses for you to choose from and qualify today.

Step 1

Free Skills Check

We work together to discuss your career goal and the right qualification that matches your skills. At this stage, we also review what experience and background you may already have to be eligible for RPL

Step 2

Skills Evidence Portfolio

Once you have passed the initial assessment, we start to gather evidence and create a portfolio. Evidence can be collected from (but not limited to) resume, reference letters, work projects, photos/videos, academic testamur)

Step 3

Skills Check

Assessors from our partner RTO(s) will review your portfolio, and call you in (if needed) for an interview, assessment or practical skill demonstration (may be completed via video conferencing)

Step 4

Skills Qualified

Once assessors from our partner RTO(s) are satisfied with your skills, performance and assessments to be aligned to what is required by the training package, your certificate(s), Statement of attainment(s) or/and transcript(s) will be issued.

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you for making my dreams become a reality. I appreciate what you have done for me and the RPL Assessor Team.” - Student

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Why RPL?

Recognition of Prior learning is one of the quickest ways to obtain a vocational qualification based on the skills that you would have acquired during your career.

Why let your skills go to waste?

See why you should choose RPL with Skills Recognised


All your relevant experience will be recognised, don’t need to train or attend classes for the entire qualification

Save Costs

You do not need to pay full price for the qualification as part, most or even full RPL will mean that you pay a fraction of the price of a full qualification


Our dedicated partner RTOs’ assessors will be looking at your case as a bespoke application to ensure that your RPL journey will be smooth sailing

Career growth/development

With the new nationally recognised qualification or skill set (statement of attainment), you can explore furthering your career and improve your earnings

With over 100+ courses for you to choose from

Information Technology

Human Resources




Graduate Studies

Ageing Support

Community Services

Early Childhood

Beauty & Massage



Electronics & Electrical


Commercial Cookery

Event Management

Travel & Tourism

Health and Safety

Fashion Design

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